The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the most popular vacation destinations nowadays. This sunshine region is a homeland for different cultures blended into the unique combination of Turkish, Middle Eastern and Greek customs reflected in music, cuisine and historic attractions of North Cyprus.

Besides the multiple cultural and historic landmarks which attract thousands of tourists to visit this hospitable part of Cyprus Island there are located the best European beach spots which stretch for miles along the Mediterranean Sea. These white and gold sandy beaches offer to enjoy numerous activities and attractions like water sports, scuba diving and tanning services. North Cyprus has to offer amazing public beaches but there are also numerous deserted beachfront locations and spots where one can get by a rented car. If you visit this land for the first time you can choose your ultimate coastline location from the list of the most hilarious and popular Northern Cyprus beaches.

The best beaches of Esentepe

Esentepe is a called-for touristic destination of the Northern Cyprus because it has so many beachfront resorts and amenities to offer. One of the most visited beaches in this region is Alagadi Turtle Beach nested nearby the Five Finger Mountains and settled in few minutes from another popular location – the golfing resort of Esentepe. This beach is considered as the longest among all beach spots in North Cyprus. Watching rare turtles in wildlife is one of the unique activities you can enjoy while visiting this location.

Acapulco Beach is another pearl among Esentepe’s beaches offering to spend numerous sunshine days surrounded by the snack bars, sunloungers, night clubs and water sports activities. This popular among tourists place is perfect for family vacations since it is very clean and located nearby the family friendly resort – Catalkoy.

Ultimate beach locations in Famagusta

Famagusta is the most ancient part of Northern Cyprus full of cultural landmarks to visit. Most Famagusta’s beaches are public and are ideal for spending a day with kids. For example, Glapsides Public Beach is great when it comes to teaching a child how to snorkel or drive a jet ski. Bird watching at day and clubbing at night – this beach is an amazing spot both for singles and family vacations.

Palm Beach in Varosha has the most spectacular view because of the historic resort located nearby – Constantina Hotel – which is one of the most popular vacation landmarks among American celebrities. This is totally a green beach where one can enjoy bathing in crystal clear waters and lying on pure white sand.

Popular Kyrenia’s beach spots

As one of the most visited areas of Cyprus Kyrenia can offer multiple beach locations for the North Cyprus’ guests. In the eastern part of Kyrenia is located Lara Beach which is one of the most called-for free from sand beaches. Standing for a smooth natural coastline of limestone rocks this place became famous thanks to its diverse marine inhabitants’ population.

A little bay in the western area of Kyrenia hides Escape Beach Club where it can be so pleasurable to spend a family vacation with kids. This beach area has an open-all-day restaurant and the biggest open-air nightclub located in 3 minutes from the popular Alsancak resort. Nearby is cozy settled another beach location – Vogue Beach – an ultimate, isolated romantic getaway where there are few cafes to have a dinner with a couple.

The most called-for beaches in Karpaz

Remoteness is the distinctive feature of beaches in Karpaz. It is recommended to get away from crowded public beaches in Famagusta and Kyrenia by visiting more private sunspot locations in Karpaz.

Ayios Philon Beach is a very environment-friendly beachfront located nearby the former hotel where it is so comfortable to take sunbathes and swim in warm waters.

There is an outstanding public beach at Yeni Erenkoy which is comparatively small, only stretching for 3 kilometers. Rocky bays are surrounded by restaurants and sunbeds making a day spent at this location unforgettable.

Speaking about the southern beach area in Karpaz it is hard to miss Golden Sands Beach which is populated by a rare sea turtles species making this place an ultimate location for nature lovers.